Stewardship is a sometimes misunderstood concept. It tends to elicit thoughts of tithing, obligations, and offertory collections. While these actions are part of it, stewardship is much more than this--it is a way of looking at life. When we have a profound sense of gratitude resulting from seeing everything--everything--as a gift from God to us, we are motivated to want to return some of this abundance to Him. This giving back to God is stewardship.

The Office of Stewardship and Development has put together an action plan for stewardship that starts with this belief, offers four easy steps to follow, and provides several simple tools you can use to be successful. 

Click Stewardship: A Living Faith to get started.

Spring Training 


Parishes, Schools, Ministries and Organizations

in the

Archdiocese of Kansas City in KS




No cost


Learn Best Practices to make your Stewardship and Development Teams more successful! 


  Thursday, March 26

   9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

  lunch included


Keleher Conference Center

Savior Pastoral Center

12615 Parallel Parkway

Kansas City, KS 66109


  You don't want to miss the fun, Royals Give-aways, learning and much more!



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