For the Parishioner

In order to conduct an annual parish Stewardship Effort, we suggest that you set aside time each year to review a stewardship checklist to help ensure continued parish vitality. It’s based on the experiences of many parishes, as well as other dioceses throughout the country that have been willing to share their experiences. Plus, to help you in this process, you can find the following resources on our website:

  • Educational materials to help parishioners understand stewardship
  • A model of how stewardship could be conducted
  • Samples of letters
  • Samples of commitment cards
  • Information for lay witnesses and stewardship committees
  • Regular communications about stewardship
  • Other counsel with the parish, as needed

For a list of parishes with experience in the formation and/or renewal of stewardship education programs, please call 913. 647.0325.