For The Pastor

In conducting a Stewardship Effort, parish leaders will find that parishioners will be more apt to share their gifts because of the blessings they have received than because of the needs of the parish budget or the need for volunteers. Parishioners respond to stewardship efforts because they are based on sound theological principles with God as our creator and us as His stewards. When people are motivated to give out of a feeling of gratitude rather than guilt, recognition, reward, need, or sacrifice, they begin to give the gift that God wants them to give—the gift of themselves. In doing so, they will experience the joy that accompanies this giving.

Therefore, the message of stewardship must be repeated throughout the year — in homilies, in lay witness presentations, at parish activities and events, in Sunday bulletins and in other forms of parish communication. The most important reason for the Stewardship Effort is to reach out and touch individuals and families with a message that helps deepen their faith and bring them closer to God.


Feasibility Study and Capital Campaign Information

This document has been prepared to offer information about parish feasibility studies and capital campaigns.  Contact the Office of Stewardship and Development at any time for more information or assistance with these important projects.

Feasibility Study and Capital Campaign Information