For the Committee

When carrying out a Stewardship Effort, committees must stay focused on the time, talent and treasure it takes to make sure everything is successful. It’s a lot of hard work and preparation, but a life based in Stewardship service to God is a reward that is well worth the effort.

Stewardship Efforts generally run two or three weekends every year. On the first weekend of a two weekend effort, and on each of the first two weekends of a three weekend effort, the pastor delivers a homily on stewardship and a lay person or couple would give a testimony on how stewardship has affected their lives. The last weekend is always a Commitment Sunday, where parishioners bring their commitment cards of time, talent, and treasure to Mass and place them in the basket.

If you have any questions about the organization of a Stewardship Effort, a committee’s specific role or simply want to learn more, please call 913.647.0325.