Stewardship Resources

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:
(Publishing Services, USCCB, 3211 Fourth St. NE, Washington, DC 20017-1197)

  • Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response (Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Stewardship, available in both English and Spanish)
  • Stewardship: Disciples’ Respond – A Practical Guide for Pastoral Leaders (A manual for parish and diocesan leaders for the purpose of promoting stewardship as a way of life)
  • Children’s Stewardship Manual (A manual for parish and diocesan leaders who are interested in promoting stewardship for children)

International Catholic Stewardship Conference:

Liturgical Press at
(keyword: stewardship) (1-800-858-5450)

  • Called to be Stewards: Bringing New Life to Catholic Parishes (A book by Patrick McNamara with examples of bringing a stewardship approach to funding and ministry.
  • Creating a Stewardship Council (A booklet detailing the development and formation of a stewardship committee)
  • Grateful Caretakers of God’s Many Gifts: A Parish Manual to Foster the Sharing of Time, Talent and Treasure (A manual by Msgr. Joseph Champlin to help foster stewardship in the parish)
  • Sharing God’s Gifts (A small educational brochure that explains the meaning of stewardship)
  • Sixty-second Stewardship Sermons (A resource book for pastors and deacons in preparing stewardship homilies. These short “sermons” on stewardship can also be used in newsletters and parish bulletins.)

Our Sunday (1-800-348-2440)

  • Why Catholics Don’t Give, And What Can be Done About It (A book by Charles Zech, chair of the Economics Department at Villanova University)

Twenty-Third (1-800-321-0411)

  • What Do I Own and What Owns Me? (A book on the Spirituality of Stewardship written by Daniel Conway with a DVD of Archbishop Thomas Murphy and his reflections on the Pastoral Letter)
  • The Catholic Kid’s Guide to Stewardship (A book on children’s stewardship written by Elizabeth M. Johnson) St. Catherine of Siena Institute: (1-888-878-6789)
  • Called and Gifted (A workshop facilitated by the St. Catherine of Siena Institute to help parishioners recognize their unique gifts and their response to God’s call) Trumbauer Consulting: (612 823-7706)
  • Sharing the Ministry: A Practical Guide for Transforming Volunteers into Ministers (A resource for helping parishioners recognize their unique gifts and call into shared ministry by Jean Morris Trumbauer)
  • Created and Called (A program by Jean Morris Trumbauer for helping churches develop and manage a comprehensive approach to gifts-based ministry.

Parish (1-888-320-5578)

  • Good Things are for Sharing: A Curriculum Guide in Stewardship for the Elementary School Level
  • From the Heart: A Curriculum Guide in Stewardship for Middle and High School Levels Resources for Children’s Envelopes:
  • Cathedral Corporation: (1-800-698-0299)
  • National Church Service, Inc.-The Envelope Service: (1-800-627-9900)

Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response

  • We highly recommend the pastoral letter on stewardship that was written by the United States bishops called Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response. The book is available at a discount through the Office of Stewardship and Development or you may download a pdf version by accessing this link: Stewardship- A Disciple’s Response PDF