For The Parishioner

Resources to Help You on Your Journey


In order to help you conduct an annual parish Stewardship Effort, the Office of Stewardship and Development of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas suggests you set aside time each year to review a Stewardship checklist to help ensure your ongoing parish vitality… Learn more

Stewardship Checklist

The following questions will help you determine how prepared your parish is for a successful Stewardship Effort… Learn more

Scriptural Texts

The following passages from Holy Scripture are particularly suited to preaching or teaching the stewardship message… Learn more

Stewardship for Children

Parishes who have completed a successful first-time Stewardship Effort, and are committed to promoting on-going stewardship awareness, should consider the value of introducing stewardship as a way of life to the children and youth of the parish… Learn more


Reflect on the stewardship process by discussing the following questions with your parish and deciding on ways to address them… Learn more

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