For The Pastor

Resources to Help You on Your Journey

Sequence of Stewardship

Conducting the Stewardship Effort effectively is based on organizing and implementing the procedural steps outlined here… Learn more

Suggested Bulletin Announcements

First Bulletin Announcement: Our parish will begin a Stewardship Effort on (date). Stewardship is based on the spiritual principles of the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus… Learn more

Examples of Homilies

The following presentations serve as examples. Pastors are encouraged to utilize any of these homilies or to develop original homilies, using methods they find most suitable… Learn more

Suggested Pulpit Announcements

During the Stewardship Effort, the following pulpit announcements about stewardship can be made... Learn more

Example of Cover Letter for First Total Parish MailingLearn more

Example of Cover Letter for Second Total Parish MailingLearn more

Example of Cover Letter for Third Total Parish MailingLearn more

Sample Thank You Letter to ParishionersLearn more

Brochure ExampleLearn more

Quarterly Report ExampleLearn more

Calendar of Bulletin Reflections ExampleLearn more

Commitment Card or Tri-fold Brochure ExampleLearn more


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