For the Committee

Resources to Help You on Your Journey

List of Time and Talent Opportunities

The following list of stewardship opportunities for time and talent, while not totally complete, does give a broad view of the many ways that one can give of his/her time and talent… Learn more

Responsibilities Checklist

Carry out the Stewardship Effort of time, talent, and treasure on an annual basis… Learn more

Stewardship Committee PrayerLearn more

Timetable for Stewardship Effort

To use this calendar, first establish the date of Stewardship Commitment Sunday then fill in the dates working backward from there… Learn more

Timetable for Stewardship Renewal

This calendar is designed for use by parishes that have been conducting an annual stewardship effort for several years… Learn more

Organizational Meeting Agenda ExampleLearn more

Organizational Meeting Handout ExampleLearn more

Recommendations for Year-Round Stewardship Education

The following recommendations are aimed at improving parish leadership and establishing practices that share the stewardship message year-round… Learn more

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